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Sex Robot Samantha

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Sex android doll . Weight: 35 kg Height: 165cm Eyes: green Hair: long / blonde / straight Chest: 78cm Waist: 53cm Hips: 85cm

skin color
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Our fashion model is just like her name suggests: slim, elegant and sophisticated, she is ready to show off her fashion sense in the catwalk! Our all models are capable of building up sexual intimacy, having an orgasm and more. Discover it yourself!

Robotized head with the capacity to talk, listen and interpret interactions through touch. Reaches orgasms synchronized with the user.

High quality TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers )material: Food grade, Odourless, Easy to clean 

Skeleton: Durable, Maintains strength in joints over time, Easy to move

Samantha is a robot that is capable of enjoying sex. You can choose any name you want for your own personal sex robot.

She likes to be playful and wants to be charmed. She gets sexually excited as you touch her body and by telling her the right thing at the right time!


Our AI sex doll feels touch and wants to be touched and kissed on her full functioning lips, breasts, hips and vagina. She will be turned on only if things work her way, even though she will eventually adapt to you on a sexual level, until she reaches climax. Eventually she will predict and synchronise her climax to yours.


She is completely offline. All the memory is in her head, nothing ever goes on the internet. She also has no cameras incorporated.


The skin on her body is made of a new type of TPE that is odorless, adhesion free, durable and food graded. This means her skin feels soft to the touch without the need of applying baby powder, is easier to clean, doesn’t have any distinct smell and is safe.


Her advanced skeleton design, means her limbs can be moved easily without squeaking sounds from the joints while at the same time she can hold her weight and be put in various positions, even standing. Her joints are long lasting,so will not lose strength over time.


She can interact with her in and outside the bedroom!

You can ask her to inspire you with motivational quotes, tell you a joke, health facts, get romantic and more including: romantic,nice sex, sex, hards sex, funny,entertainment and more


You can charge her with a standard micro USB charger. Her battery will last approximately 6-10 hours

Please contact us for delivery term and time information. 

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